Dibawah ini ada beberapa pernyataan yang dapat digunakan sebagai alat survey yang saya dapatkan dari, tetapi dalam mensurvey hemat saya waktu pengisian jangan lebih dari 30 menit untuk menjaga ke validan sehingga jumlah pernyataan dapat kita batasi 30-40 pernyataan.

List potensi pernyataan dibawah dan masih sesuai dengan GALLUP model ( dan boleh dibilang pengembangan darinya.
Kondisi Perusahaan Yang saya Tempati Sekarang
1 I am committed, enthusiastic and passionate about my job.
2 I am provided with the necessary materials to accomplish my work.
3 I am proud of the work the organization does.
4 I understand my role in the organization as a whole.
5 My co-workers are committed to doing quality work.
6 Poor performers are held accountable.
7 My leadership treats everyone with respect.
8 I am trusted to do my job without interference.
9 I have opportunities to develop new skills to do my present job.
10 I am committed to doing quality work.
11 The resources I receive are distributed fairly.
12 I am kept well informed about organization events and issues.
13 My supervisor is supportive of employees.
14 There are people at work who care about me as a person.
15 I am proud of the organization overall.
16 The benefits package I receive is fair.
17 I am open to opposing views.
18 NC state government is a good place to work.
19 This organization champions and promotes work life balance.
20 I am doing work that contributes to the organization’s success.
21 Hiring decisions are made impartially.
22 I am provided information when I need it.
23 I trust the leadership of upper management.
24 I am involved in establishing my goals and objectives.
25 My supervisor takes an interest in me professionally.
26 I am satisfied with the leadership of the organization.
27 I trust my co-workers.
28 My supervisor and I mutually agree on specific and measurable job expectations.
29 Salary increase decisions are made impartially.
30 I am compensated fairly based on performance.
31 It is important to me that I meet or exceed my customers’ expectations.
32 I know what is expected of me at my job.
33 My organization embraces and leads change.
34 I learn from my co-workers.
35 My organization supports continuous learning and development.
36 My leadership values and embraces diversity (individual differences or uniqueness).
37 I work cooperatively with others.
38 I have career opportunities in this organization.
39 My organization actively solicits and acts on customer feedback.
40 The tools and equipment I need to do my job are provided.
41 I trust my supervisor.
42 My work priorities are clear and non-conflicting.
43 I know the boundaries and limits to my own decision-making authority.
44 My work plan is updated when my responsibilities change.
45 My supervisor does not show favoritism.
46 I receive my performance appraisals on schedule.
47 I am included in the decision-making process.
48 I receive regular feedback on my current performance from my supervisor.
49 My supervisor acts with integrity.
50 My leadership models high performance.
51 I have the support I need to do my job.
52 I have the opportunity to choose how tasks are performed.
53 Employees are treated fairly across all units.
54 My co-workers are encouraged to suggest new and creative ways to get the work done and to think “outside the box.”
55 Co-workers support each other.
56 My supervisor respects me and values my work.
57 My supervisor recognizes me for my accomplishments.
58 My work unit has good morale.
59 My leadership makes good use of my skills and abilities.
60 I enjoy my job.
61 I have opportunities to grow and develop in my position.
62 I am a valued member of the organization.
63 I intend to stay with this organization as long as I can.
64 My pay is similar to what our competitors (private/public) pay.
65 My work goals are realistic and attainable.
66 I look for new and better ways to do things.
67 My organization provides meaningful service to its customers.
68 The organizational culture encourages team spirit.
69 My supervisor is effective at getting quality work through others.
70 My co-workers act with integrity.
71 My upper management acts with integrity.
72 My workload is balanced fairly and appropriately.
73 I am working on projects that matter.
74 I have the necessary information to do my job.
75 I have been given sufficient training to perform my job effectively.
76 I am committed, enthusiastic and passionate about my organization.
77 My organization supports risk taking.
78 I have good relationships with others in the organization.
79 My most recent performance rating was fair.
80 Work is distributed fairly within my work unit.
81 My supervisor shares the spotlight with me and gives me credit.
82 Co-workers recognize me for my accomplishments.
83 I have a clear understanding of the organization’s mission, values and goals.
84 When needed, I am willing to put in extra effort to get a job done.
85 I would recommend this organization to others as a great place to work.
86 I consistently challenge myself to exceed expectations.
87 Decisions, policies and procedures are applied consistently to all employees.
88 In our organization, there is a clear difference in the way we compensate average versus outstanding performers.
89 I have the information I need to make decisions about my work.
90 I discuss my future development needs and interests with my supervisor.
91 I am encouraged to suggest new and creative ways to get the work done and to think “outside the box”.
92 Units across this organization communicate effectively with each other.
93 I know that change is constant and I embrace it.
94 Promotional decisions are made based on proven performance.
95 The mission/purpose of my organization makes me feel like my job is important.
96 My supervisor makes an effort to build rapport with me.
97 In the last thirty days, I have received recognition or praise for doing a good job.


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